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FROM  Gallifrey (a girl can dream, can’t she) OK, maybe not, but I cry at commercials so two hearts makes as much sense as anything else. Seriously though, my strength came from my mother.

DOES  If it inspires, scares, excites, or calms…I’m in! And I genuinely love Yoga, so much I became a Yoga Therapist.

LIKES  Almost everyone and everything, especially my rescue dog, ivy.  She rescued me.

DISLIKES  Long walks on the beach. I mean, seriously, being at the beach is enough.

CITY  Home is every city where I’ve lived. They’ve all shaped me in different ways. Pittsburgh – Las Vegas – Nashville – Los Angeles.

CAREER REGRET  Laughing and walking away when a seemingly sweet little old man told me I needed my own show, only to discover it was Rupert Murdoch.

Latest News

Nicole is excited to start work on a new feature film scheduled to begin production in Los Angeles as soon as the director feels it’s safe to resume work due to the global pandemic.  



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